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Hair removal with the sugar paste Hello Sugar is 100% natural and safe, and compared to waxes, reduces pain and redness. At the same time, it does not remove the protective layer of the skin since it only attaches to the hairs and not the skin. With its gentle granules, it works like a scrub since it penetrates deeper into the skin and thus removes the ingrown hair as well.

The unique composition of the paste and its use (cold or warm hair removal) are ideal for persons with sensitive skin, varicose veins, and capillaries. It’s so delicate that it’s suitable for both women and men. This is the ideal solution for removing hair on your face and body naturally.

When using the sugar paste regularly, the hairs regrow thinner and softer. After just a few sessions, hair growth is reduced, the skin is gratefully soft and smooth. After the removal, the residual paste can be easily removed with lukewarm water with the use of oils and emulsions.

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